Sunday, June 27, 2010

A day to catch up

I know it's been awhile since I've posted.

Towards the end of May, I got to meet a letterboxer I have always wanted to meet!.  Windjammer from St. Ignace.  A lot of the letterboxes I have found, I always see his signature stamp so I wanted to meet him.  I was very excited.  He is a really nice talkative guy even though he never posts anything on the message boards on AQ.  A couple weeks later, koalacat was up visiting and letterboxing with me.  I decided to ask Windjammer if he would like to meet us in St.  Ignace so he could exchange with koalacat.  He met us after work (he works on Mackinac Island...lucky!) at a letterbox we were attempting to find for the third time.  We found it this time!  Then he let us follow him around to some letterboxes we hadn't found yet.  He didn't help us find the boxes, but took us to the locations.  We had a nice time.  Shane was with me both times.

So there was this guy that I had been seeing all over town all the time every day almost and usually several times a day.  One day I decided that I was going to try to avoid him because I was starting to get a crush on him.  There are several reasons why having a crush on him is not a good idea but I thought it was just from seeing him all the time.  Anyway that same day, after I came home, I saw a vehicle at my neighbors house that looked like his.  And it was his.  wtf?  I'd never seen him over there before.  Anyway I gave up trying to avoid him because that seemed pointless.  2 weeks ago I thought he fell off the face of the earth or maybe he was trying to avoid me.  I stopped noticing him. Strange.  Maybe he thought I was stalking him.  Oh well.  I think he had a different vehicle though or something or went somewhere.

I planted a new letterbox series in Bellaire.  I went to check on the boxes because I needed to do some maintenance on a couple.  While there had another creepy guy encounter.  This one was setting fire "to get rid of the bugs" he said after scaring me to death cause I didn't see him.  Setting a fire in a nature preserve?  And he was right next to my box.  Luckily he didn't seem to notice the box.  I checked on it later when he had left.  I think he was out there smoking something and set the fire to cover up that smell........anyway creepy.  I also carved myself a new signature stamp and I made one for Shane.  I had been using a store bought stamp since 2007.

I am flying from Detroit to New York City to meet a friend. He will pick me up and drive me to Connecticut.  I am leaving today.  I am super nervous.  I will only be there for 2 days.  I was hoping to letterbox there but looking at the forecast, that is probably not going to happen.  I have been wanting to meet him for awhile but I have a lot of anxiety about flying and meeting him for the first time.  I am dreading going through security.  I'm always afraid I am not going to do something right and will have to get searched.  I am only bringing a carry on suitcase and a shoulder bag.

I came down to Flint Friday and got to meet The Hicks From The Sticks (more letterboxers I have been wanting to meet!)  and then go letterboxing.  Saturday we went letterboxing all day.  I found a lot but we had some setbacks.  We were trying to find some in Oxford at this park.  We couldn't find them.  We went on a wrong trail I think.  Paula got her feet majorly stuck in sinking mud.  I thought I saw bear tracks.  There was something dead and very smelly in the garbage can.  We forgot bug spray and sunblock.  It was 90 degrees sunny, super humid, and I was wearing jeans that were sticking to me!  I have bites and I thought I had a sunburn but hopefully not.

Now it is thunderstorming.......hoping my flight isn't delayed but we will see... When I come back on Tuesday, Paula and I are going to do some more boxing and then we're watching Eclipse at 2:50 am at the IMAX! 6 stories of Edward ahhhhhhhhhh.

Well I probably left lots of stuff out but that's a pretty good catch up blog.

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