Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation time over

Connecticut was awesome. My drive to Detroit was fine.  My flight did get delayed for almost 3 hours due to storms and my bag had to get searched and I had to walk through the metal detector twice.  My friend knew it was delayed as I had been texting him all day long and he had the updates of the flight sent to his phone.  While I was at the airport in Detroit, I went to Hockeytown bar/restaurant. $13 for a rum and coke and chips n salsa! WTF?! I gate checked my carry on suitcase and got to board the plane first.  The flight was alright.  There was quite a bit of turbulence cause we had to fly through the storms.  Lots of screaming babies on the flight.  I was glad when we could turn on iPods!  Before landing in New York City, we flew over the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge.  That was so cool!!  I got to baggage claim and he showed up a minute later.  He hugged me and carried my stuff.  We walked out of the airport and holy heat wave.  It was 90 something and it was 9 pm and the humidity was insane!  I used his phone to call my mom to confirm I was still alive since mine died.  All I could see of the drive to CT was trees everywhere after we left the city.  It was too dark to see much else.  We went to a diner before going to the hotel.  They gave an insane amount of food.  I ordered a chicken sandwich and they had 2 huge chicken breasts on it! No I didn't finish my dinner and he was really nice and paid for it.  After dinner, we went to CVS where he bought cookies and doritos.  At the hotel we watched TV and stuff....then went to sleep.

He had to work the next day but not until evening.  We slept in then he had to make some phone calls for his job.  I took a shower while he was in his car or wherever he went.  Then we went letterboxing! Yay!  He had never been letterboxing before and found it sort of interesting.  We found 1 box then went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast even though it was like 1 pm.  We then went on this long walk to find series of boxes.  I found 4 of the 6.  I had flip flops on.  Not a good idea.  I got my foot caught in pickers and made a bloody mess.  After the hike, we went to his parents house to get some water.  It was still insanely hot and humid and it looked like it was going to downpour at any second.  I cleaned up my foot while there and he fed his cat, Radar.  It started raining hard but we left anyways.  We went and found one more box at a cemetery before he took me back to the hotel so he could go to work.  I didn't do much at the hotel.  I cleaned our room since we slept too late for housekeeping.  I read a little, watched tv, used the internet, and waited for him to come back.  He came back around 8:30.  We hung out for awhile.........then watched some tv and then went to Ruby Tuesday in Bridgeport I think.  I had a burger and a coke.  He had a girly non alcoholic drink and shrimp and pasta lol.  For dessert we shared a piece of NY Cheesecake. OMG YUMMMMMY.  He paid for dinner again.  We drove through all these towns on the way back to the hotel because we wanted to avoid road construction.  It was dark.  I saw most of CT in the dark lol.  We stayed up way too late watching King of the Hill episodes of all things haha.  We had to get up at 6:30 am so that was dumb.

We got up on time and left the hotel by 7.  He drove fast and sort of crazy but I guess that is just how he drives lol. Traffic was pretty insane already though.   He got me to the airport, dropped me off and gave me another hug and said to come back. I checked in to my flight at 7:55.  We made good time.  My flight was at 9:40.  Security went by easier this time except the belt on one of the xray machines broke so we had to wait while they moved all the bags to the other one.  I gate checked my bag again and the flight back to Detroit was fine.  There was like 50 Orthodox Jews on it though which was kind of odd but interesting.  My drive back to Flint was fine.

I went to Paula's parents house and we went letterboxing.  I tried to nap a little on the car ride.  I slept for a couple hours when we got home from letterboxing.  Then we went to a diner and then went to watch Eclipse on IMAX!  Omg awesome!  By far the best movie of the saga thus far.   It had some funny lines in it and lots of hot action.  Ahh Edward *swoon*.  When we got out of the movie, the sun was coming up!  We went back to her parents house and went right to sleep.  I woke up at about 9 something and left at 10 to drive straight to Johannesburg to pick up Shane.  Talk about being completely exhausted.  The home from vacation depression set in right away though.

My parents took Shane and I camping Friday through Monday and Daniel joined us Sunday night.  My air mattress got a hole in it.  That sucked.  There were several holes apparently because every time we patched one it still went flat.  Saturday we went garage saling and found an awesome one.  Shane got a tent, camping chair, sleeping bag, and a bug catching kit for $10.  Plus they had a cot!  Shane slept in that tent by himself.  The cot was nice.  We also went swimming in the pool for a bit.  Shane learned to swim by himself with his life jacket on.  The next day we climbed Castle Rock.  I found 2 letterboxes on it yay.  Daniel came up that night and we watched the fireworks from the campground.  We got to see Mackinaw City, St Ignace, and Mackinac Island's firework shows!  Super cool.  I slept outside that night as it was so hot.  At 4 am however it started raining and we moved into the tent.

The depression is still there.  I like my friend.  I think that's mostly what it's about.  I liked him before I went there.  I like him more now.  I was scared about meeting him because I didn't think he would like me once he met me.   I am afraid I am right.  I mean we did have fun but now he hasn't been as talkative to me and the tone of our conversations is different.  He already told me several months ago that there wasn't really a chance of being in a relationship because we live too far apart so we should just have fun when we met.  I agree.  I know it's not really possible for anything to come of him and I.  I can't move there, and he would be stupid to give up a great job to move here where there is no such thing as a job let alone a great job.  Although that is getting way ahead of anything.  Just sayin it wouldn't work.  It makes me sad to think about never seeing him again though.  I get the feeling he doesn't want to see me again.  Maybe he is just super busy with work or whatever.  I think other things.  I think he likes someone else.  I kind of get jealous thinking about him hanging out with other girls and that is just really dumb.  I had an amazing time and I should just be happy that I got to go there and meet him even if that means everything is different and he doesn't like me anymore =(.  We were still going to go to Niagara Falls sometime after summer is over when he can get time off, but I doubt that is going to happen now.  Okay now I am super sobbing.

But I do have some great news.  Rachel and Amy are both pregnant!  Yay!  They make me want to have a baby.  I don't think that is ever going to happen though :( Another thing..I have decided to go back to college.  Hopefully I can get everything in order before fall but definitely spring 11 if not.  I guess this sort of stemmed from being depressed.  I decided that the only way I wouldn't be depressed is if I had something to do and money to do more fun things more often.  I am going for Nursing since it's a job that is always needed and pays decent.  The nursing program itself sounds a little challenging to get in to, but I have to do  some of the general stuff first anyway, and I guess I could use a little bit of a challenge in my life.  Other good news, I haven't gone to ww in a long time and I haven't gained anything.  I haven't lost either, but I was concerned I had gained.  I am going back to ww Monday though.

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