Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yoga kicked my butt!

Bob Harper laid the smackdown on me today with Yoga on level: challenging for 31 min plus a 7 min challenging warm up and a 9 min challenging cool down.  There were no circuit breaks either omg.  I'm glad I got this groovy new watch that monitors your heart rate and keeps track of calories burned, cause I burned way more than what the wii said I did.  I thought Yoga was supposed to be relaxing. Oh the pain! lol  Well I said this week was going to be my boot camp week, I guess it really is.  I hope tomorrow takes a long time to get here. But I feel sooooooo great now that I got it out of the way for today.  I get to eat popcorn and watch Bob and Jillian whip people into shape tonight.  Can't wait!  Or maybe since it is Fat Tuesday, I will eat my unhealthy, fattening paczki instead.  Seems kind of wrong to eat that while watching The Biggest Loser but oh well.  I am saving points to enjoy one of those at some point during the day.  Yummmmm

*Edit* Just realized Biggest Loser won't be on. Boooooooooo.  I like the Olympics and all but I was looking forward to watching my show!

Monday, February 15, 2010

2 weeks

I haven't blogged in awhile.  Last Saturday morning I went down to Flint to visit my cousin Paula.  We did some major amounts of letterboxing. It was really cold and windy on Saturday.  One of the boxes I attempted was frozen inside a tree inside ice.  I didn't have a crowbar or hot liquid to get it out with.  Oh well next time maybe.  We also attempted a box, that we attempted the last time we were down, and once again couldn't find it. Silly people and their difficult clues.  Well actually the clues all made sense right up to the end.  We just couldn't figure it out.  Maybe we will try to get that one next time also!  Sunday we did some Sterling Heights and Troy boxing after finding a couple on the way.  Monday, I went to HELL!!!  What a weird smaaaaalllll town.  They had 2 cool letterboxes there though.  We also went to Howell and Brighton.  I found 20 letterboxes........  Tuesday we woke up to a winter storm!  Yes apparently it happens down there once in awhile lol.  We stayed home until about 1 or 2.......but I was only 6 boxes shy of 200 and I really wanted that 200th box, but I also didn't want to die.  We finally decided to go to Ann Arbor......which normally takes an hour or so....it took about 2.  Everyone was driving 45 on the expressway.  I drove my car since I am more used to driving in those conditions and I just got new tires so hopefully we wouldn't be slipping and sliding too much.  We went to Saline cause there was this place that had 10 letterboxes.  Oh this will be awesome!  We could only find 3 lol.  Of course we didn't look too long for each box cause it was snowing like crazy!  Okay off to Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.  We found quite a few.  Then we went to works4us's house.  Got to meet her and get another exchange.  Yay.  We stayed at her house for a long time.  They offered to let us stay there but we decided to head back home.  The expressway was awful driving.  I could only drive about 25-30.  I just kept behind this one car the whole way.  I didn't care how slow I had to go.  Visibility was awful.  Some idiot tried to pass me on the right shoulder of the road and they went in the ditch.  We made it back to Flint after midnight.  It took over 2 hours. Then it was officially my 27th birthday.  All the schools were already closed the night before.  The next day things were much better and I drove back home.  It took about 3 hours which is pretty normal.  

I celebrated my birthday at Applebee's in TC with my parents and son.  This past Saturday I went to East Jordan for Brad's nephews birthday party.  That was fun.  We went rollerblading.  Shane had fun.

Valentine's Day was once again spent without having a significant other.  Shane was my handsome lil Valentine though!

My ex Grandpa inlaw died this morning.  He hasn't been doing well for awhile but got bad this past week.  He was a great man.  The nicest and funniest person.  I will miss him.

I didn't go to weight watchers last week.  I went tonight and faced the music.  What a sour note indeed!  I so gained.  Uggggghhhhh.......gonna have to boot camp it this week.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Good Week!

So this week has been pretty alright.......Let's see if I can recall it lol.

Tuesday:  I spent the day in TC with Joey and then drove all over God's WHITE Earth lol.  It was a fun time.  His mom passed away and I think the little break helped him for awhile.  I then watched The Biggest Loser which was great as usual.

Wednesday:  I was awoken with a text message from ALEX in Cali! Woot. Then he called me! Yay!  It was really great talking to him. I love it when people call me, just don't expect me to call lol.

Thursday:  Not much happened.  I don't remember much.  I know it was a good tv night though!

Friday: Joey's mom's visitation was this day. I went and he barely spoke to me.  All my relatives were there though and we didn't stay too long so it was alright.

Saturday:  I went to the memorial service for Joey's mom and to the luncheon afterward.  I took Shane to that.  He remembered Joey very well and was yelling for him a lot.  Didn't really talk much to Joey here either.  I am trying to keep in mind that he is going through a horribly difficult time and trying not to get bothered by it.  I know I am being stupidly selfish.  Saturday I also went grocery shopping with my parents and Shaneroo.  I got a watch that keeps track of your heart rate and how many calories you have burned woohoo!

Sunday:  I weighed myself (bad girl) and was like in complete shock.  I'd eaten a ton of not so good for me things and didn't exercise much at all this week (2 weeks straight really took it's toll and I didn't see the weight results I wanted) and my weight was DOWN! I went to TC with my parents also.

Monday (that would be today): I went and dropped Shane off with Brad.  Brad gave me major money (yay thanks Brad).  I paid my the fee for my license plate tags for the year and got my driver's license renewed.  I got the enhanced license so now I can travel North America by land and sea.  I was kinda pissed because I passed the vision test but I think the new license is still going to say corrective lenses.  That really jerks my chain.  I never wear them and I can see fine as I proved by passing the test without them grrrrrr.  Also I look like a fat moo moo cow in the pic.  Today I also discovered this website called MyShape.com.  It FORCED me to take all my measurements UGH.  Then it tells you what kind of body you have and gives you lots and lots of outfit ideas that would look good on you.  Quite awesome.  I did a Biggest Loser workout, showered, and went to weight watchers where I LOST 3 POUNDS! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!  I wish it would have been 3.2 though then I would have got my 20 lbs star but I was so happy!  I'm not going next week.  So for the next 2 weeks let's see if I can lose 5.2 lbs so I can get my 20 and 25 stars!!!  I love stars haha.

I've been planning my trip to see koalacat.  I kind of want to meet some boxers from down there but dunno who can on kind of short notice.  I don't really want to do a meet and greet cause I want to find a shitton of letterboxes lol.