Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bum Knee Part 3!!!

My results for the MRI had the dr calling me right away.  My leg is broke!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  Okay it's a small stress fracture right below my knee.  It's so weird.  My pain was almost gone and I was walking normally and everything.  Now I am wearing this horrible huge knee immobilizing brace! I am also supposed to be using crutches.  I hate them.  I am not the most coordinated person in the world.  Monday night I fell off the FRONT porch on my face! I was laughing and crying.  I twisted my right ankle (the uninjured leg!), and stubbed  my left big toe.  Luckily the neighbors all appeared to not be home and no cars drove by as I did this.  My parents were freaking out/laughing at me.  We were going to Subway. Ay yi yi.  This brace weighs 2 lbs.  So at WW I had a 0.4 lb gain which means I really lost 1.6! This coming Monday I have to go back to the dr and then he is gonna send me somewhere to get an air brace thing so I can move!  This is so annoying.  In other news though, it was 75 degrees in Northern Michigan today and tomorrow is gonna be even warmer! LOOOOOOOOVE IT! Now I need to get a tan but not sure I want to sport a sexy leg brace farmers tan haha.  Ohhh and my brother moved to Traverse City with his friends, so now Shane has his own room and that means I have my own room too!  Wooooohoooo.  They both look pretty spiffy too.  Now if only I wasn't a 27 year old loser living with her parents.....:( Oh well don't really care anymore.  As long as I am single, I see no point in getting my own place.

Shane is obsessed with The Wizard of Oz!  He knows the movie by heart and demands to watch it everyday!  The funny part is, my dad recorded the movie off TV in the 80s so it has all these old commercials mixed in and Shane has those memorized too!!! It's great.   He will be 3 next month.  I love how uber smart he is.  Momma is proud of her little man.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Bum Knee Part 2

Wednesday, I went to the trailer I used to live in that belonged to my late Grandma to get some more of my things to bring to my parents house where I now live. I went there looking for my iTunes gift card that I still can't find.  I ended up bringing a bunch of stuff back. I got some shorts and my scale.  My scale is way off too.  It weighs accurate up to a certain weight but whenever I get on it says I weigh like 8 lbs more than what my moms scale says and my moms is pretty close to the weight watcher scale.  Anyway, my knee was still bothering me on Wednesday so I called the doctor's office.  Of course he has Wednesday's off but the receptionist/nurse was there so she scheduled me an appointment for yesterday at 11:30 am.  Of course yesterday, like Sunday, my knee decides not to hurt so much.  Dr. Laskey rocks. He is the nicest doctor I've ever had. I've never been to him before but everyone has recommended him so I decided to have him be my new doc. My knee wasn't hurting too much until he started moving it everywhere. Owwwwww. He said he could tell it was really tender and definitely swollen. He says it could be just a strained band but he is thinking it's a torn meniscus.  A strained band is usually more common if you fall or do something traumatic like that.  However I would much rather have that than a torn meniscus.  I have to get a MRI Thursday to see for sure.  I am now on drugs. Prednisone for the swelling and Ultram for the pain.  The Ultram makes me super dizzy and drowsy. Anyway if it is torn, I will have to have outpatient surgery. Definitely not looking forward to that.  I am not looking forward to the continuation of taking Prednisone. Common side effects are rapid weight gain and water retention. Yay for steroids  :(.  At the end of the doctor's appointment, he asked me how old I was.  I told him I was 27 and he was really taken aback.  He said I looked a lot younger than that.  He thought he was going to have to write me a note to get out of gym class for high school! LOL.  Yeah that made my day. My friend's father in law just got his knee replaced recently, and it all started about 10 years ago with a torn meniscus that they also did an outpatient surgery on back then.  My mom was telling him that they think that's what I have and he was just like oh no.  I really really really hope it's not that. Arrrrrgh.  Anyway I was supposed to go to Niagara Falls, Ontario, CA at the end of this month to meet my friend for the first time in person.  We now have to postpone it again! Boooo.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bum Knee

Yeah it royally sucks!!!  So two weeks ago, right when the weather started getting nicer and the snow started melting, I decide I am just gonna take up running! Pfffft.  I have never been a distance runner or really any kind of runner ever!  I did track when I was in 7th grade.  That is about it for me running.  I didn't think I could run very far and didn't expect to so I was quite surprised when I ran a half mile without stopping. I actually was crying cause I really and truly didn't think I could.  Then I walked 2 miles then for my last half mile I ran most of it but did stop and walk a couple of times.  I repeated this for 4 days, then took 3 days off, then decided to run again last Monday.  My legs always hurt when I run but in a normal I'm not used to this sort of way and the pain goes away after I am done.  On Monday though, my left knee started hurting after about a 1/4 mile and I kept going because I thought it was just the normal aches and pains but by the time I completed my 1/2 mile I knew it wasn't a normal pain.  It hurt far too much.  I was a ways away from home and I had to walk home and I could barely walk.  I had weight watchers that night and was very limpy.  I decided not to weigh in.  My knee hurt badly all week.  I could hardly move.  I used an array of braces til I finally had to buy one that fit right.  I decided that if it didn't feel any better I should call the doctor today. Yesterday it didn't feel as bad.  Today was alright for awhile but now it's hurting terrible again.  I didn't exercise at all this week since I can hardly walk.  When I have my knee bent it doesn't hurt much but when I am moving it to or from the bent position, it hurts bad.  If I just have it stretched out it hurts.  It  hurts on the right side of my left knee underneath it sort of but the pain spreads to my knee all the time.  Ay yi yi!  Today though I went to Weight Watchers again and weighed in this time.  I have now lost 20 lbs! 21 to be exact but I was so glad to get that 20 lbs off.  It took me 5 months!!! That is way too slow for me and the 20 lbs just seemed like an obstacle I was never going to get around.  I would get so close and then gain.  Maybe now it will come off faster.  Before I went and hurt myself, the day before actually, I spent letterboxing with my cousin.  It was a gorgeous warm day and we went to the East "coast" of Michigan and had lots of fun hiking and looking at interesting sculptures at a park in Tawas lol. I took some nice photos which I guess I should upload to facebook sometime.  I always wait forever to upload pics.  Shane had a dentist appointment a few days ago and it went great.   Ohhhh and about a month ago my car died again.  This time it was at Meijer.  It wasn't cool.  Very expensive.  Had  to get the on board computer module replaced.  I so wish I had a job.  I took the census test and passed with flying colors.  Hope they call!  Well that's about all folks.