Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bum Knee Part 3!!!

My results for the MRI had the dr calling me right away.  My leg is broke!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  Okay it's a small stress fracture right below my knee.  It's so weird.  My pain was almost gone and I was walking normally and everything.  Now I am wearing this horrible huge knee immobilizing brace! I am also supposed to be using crutches.  I hate them.  I am not the most coordinated person in the world.  Monday night I fell off the FRONT porch on my face! I was laughing and crying.  I twisted my right ankle (the uninjured leg!), and stubbed  my left big toe.  Luckily the neighbors all appeared to not be home and no cars drove by as I did this.  My parents were freaking out/laughing at me.  We were going to Subway. Ay yi yi.  This brace weighs 2 lbs.  So at WW I had a 0.4 lb gain which means I really lost 1.6! This coming Monday I have to go back to the dr and then he is gonna send me somewhere to get an air brace thing so I can move!  This is so annoying.  In other news though, it was 75 degrees in Northern Michigan today and tomorrow is gonna be even warmer! LOOOOOOOOVE IT! Now I need to get a tan but not sure I want to sport a sexy leg brace farmers tan haha.  Ohhh and my brother moved to Traverse City with his friends, so now Shane has his own room and that means I have my own room too!  Wooooohoooo.  They both look pretty spiffy too.  Now if only I wasn't a 27 year old loser living with her parents.....:( Oh well don't really care anymore.  As long as I am single, I see no point in getting my own place.

Shane is obsessed with The Wizard of Oz!  He knows the movie by heart and demands to watch it everyday!  The funny part is, my dad recorded the movie off TV in the 80s so it has all these old commercials mixed in and Shane has those memorized too!!! It's great.   He will be 3 next month.  I love how uber smart he is.  Momma is proud of her little man.


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