Friday, January 29, 2010

Protecting my heart?

Wow so I think that I've had a breakthrough on why I don't like certain guys and why I am so strangely attracted to others.  There are guys that like me that live locally, but I am not attracted to them at all really.  I however have this strange attraction to guys that live far away from me!  I've come to the conclusion that I do this because I have been hurt so bad in the past, that I know if I like a guy that lives out of driving distance, I can't really get hurt because the relationship will not have a chance to become serious (I can't move more than 100 miles from Mancelona without a bunch of court hassles because of my son).  I have never thought about this before.  I just thought I didn't like guys that lived close by for some other reason.  But when I really think about it, the guys I have liked over the years that live far away aren't really more physically attractive or a lot nicer or anything that different from guys that live around here.  Anyway it's interesting but also kind of sad.  I want to be in a relationship but I am not allowing myself to be in one?  Even though I have had this breakthrough, it doesn't change the fact that I am not attracted to the people that are attracted to me......sigh.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flint area boxing 2-6 - 2-9

I am turning 27 on the 10th of February.  I am planning on going down to see koalacat (my cousin Paula) on the 6th through the 9th to hopefully get some letterboxing in. Yay!  I hope it's not a blizzard or something or we will be playing a lot of Apples to Apples!  Who wants to party? Me do!

This week at WW wasn't good.  I lost 0.8!  Grrrrrrrrrrr

My good friend Joey lost his mom on Sunday :(  Today him and I went to TC and went shopping, ate Chinese (yeah that's really gonna help me but MMMMM Sesame Chicken!) Then we drove to Rapid City, Bellaire, Central Lake, Ellsworth, East Jordan, Mancelona, Alba, Gaylord, and back to Mancelona!  Wow that's a lot of places huh?  Too bad there was no letterboxing involved.  I did buy some studio g $1.00 inks at Joanns though so I guess letterboxing was involved a little!

The snow came back today.   Not fun.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Letterbox of 2010

Yay! Yesterday (Saturday), my mom wanted to go drive somewhere that she had never been before. We decided on Tawas City. It's on Lake Huron. I decided to print of a clue for a letterbox. The directions sounded easy enough. I should point out (again) that I live in the snow belt. I can't go letterboxing in the winter for the most part. We get a lot of snow. Not a little skimp where the ground is barely covered but rather where we have a least a foot of snow on the ground at all times. Many of the places that have letterboxes are not accessible with a car in the winter. I don't have snow shoes or cross country skis. Assuming I had those to help me out, I still would have to at least shovel the letterbox out of somewhere. Of course there is also the problem of having a pretty good chance landmarks and things mentioned in the clue will also be covered with snow. Anywho you get the idea..letterboxing in Mancelona, MI in the winter is not exactly a good idea.  Also, there really aren't that many letterboxes within reasonable driving distance of Mancelona.

SOOOooooooo Tawas City is further south and definitely not it in the snow belt. There was hardly any snow there. I had to take my son to his dad in Gaylord, so we went that way. My mom didn't want to take I75 because she wanted to see little towns and stuff. We drove all the way to Alpena and then south to Tawas. We stopped in some town on the way and did some resale shopping at the Salvation Army. I got Shane a few things, and I got a little black purse and a new wallet. Salvation Army is a million times cheaper than Goodwill. Goodwill is a giant ripoff in my opinion. Anyway daylight was fading fast. By the time we got to Tawas, it was dark. We found the place where the letterbox was located. My Dad was with me. The directions were simple sounding until you get to the last clue and then look around you. Crap! This is "interesting"; especially in the dark. My Dad finally found the box though. First finders!

After letterboxing, we went to walmart in Tawas. I didn't really like this store. It was set up exactly like the one in Killeen, TX which didn't bring back any happy memories at all. Also, the deli there doesn't mark down their chicken pfffffftttt whatever lol. On the way home, we stopped at this KFC/Taco Bell place at the drive thru in Oscoda. I had a KFC Snacker and it was disgusting. I've had them before and didn't remember them tasting like that. We got home a little after midnight.....and then I stayed up til 4 am watching Deliverance!!!! Haaaahahahaha.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another post in the same week?

I know I have just been posting once a week, but I felt like it once again. I have been working out for 9 days in a row now. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger. The push-ups are becoming easier (of course they are only the on the knees kind)! I am just hoping I keep finding the motivation to keep doing it everyday.

Yesterday at Meijer, I bought some of this hand sanitizer made by Gold Bond. It's lotion. It has no alcohol look, feel, or smell. I love it. It was a bit pricey though but worth it I think. I think it will be a nice addition to my letterboxing "stuff" bag.

Last Saturday, my parents and I took my son sledding all day. That was a blast. He had a lot of fun. We all went down on the toboggan several times. Flipped over a couple times, too!

The earthquake in Haiti really touched something in me. It was really devastating. They are one of the poorest and overpopulated countries and to have something so awful happen. I have a real soft spot in my heart for children. I can't stand hearing about child abuse or children dying of diseases or being killed in accidents or murdered by crazy people. I seriously bawl my eyes out. Just imagining how many children died in Haiti breaks my heart. Or knowing how many orphans were made. It's terrible. The pastor of my church and his son went to Haiti a few years ago to build some things. Missionaries from the Free Methodist group that we knew also were in Haiti. They made it back home thankfully. Another missionary, Merle West, is presumed to have died there. He was also from Michigan and The Free Methodist missionaries. He arrived in Haiti an hour before the earthquake hit. My cousin Paula and her parents knew him. Some people at my church also knew him. That really makes it hit home when people you know are directly involved. Pat Robertson really is one of those people that makes Christians look bad. I cannot believe the comments he made about Haiti deserving this because they made a pact with the devil?!?! Seriously that is screwed up. He also said New Orleans deserved Hurricane Katrina as punishment for all the abortions in this country. That is one messed up dude. Anyway there are several ways people can donate money to support Haiti. ClintonBushHaitiFund and Stiller Strong are a couple of ways. I wish everyone that is able to give, would. Yesterday morning, they were hit with an aftershock earthquake of 6.1.
I realize some people have the attitude of I am not going to help another country when our own people need help. I just hope when catastrophes happen in the USA, other countries don't take that same attitude.

Monday, January 18, 2010

January Thaw

So in the snow belt of Michigan, it has been in the mid to upper 30's all week. It hit 40 on Saturday! I am seeing bare patches of grass! What a strange site! I love when the snow is melting. Letterboxing can't be too far away =) Okay I am dreaming. It's nice right now (nice for mid winter in Northern Michigan anyway lol), but I am sure we will still get some more snow dumped on us before Spring springs.

So it was another week on my Weight Watchers program tonight. I got my 16th meeting medal tonight. I lost 1.6 lbs. I was expecting to lose more because I worked hard. I did a Biggest Loser workout everyday!!! Tonight though at the meeting, the leader said that sometimes we work really hard at getting activity in, and it doesn't show up on the scales because we are building muscle. She encouraged us to start taking measurements as that is another way to measure success. I guess I should have taken mine before I joined. I guess I was too depressed to think what they would say! I know I have lost inches. My pants don't like to stay up around my waist...I guess that's good. I don't have to buy new clothes either since I have about every size of clothes I will ever need in boxes somewhere!!!! I used to be a lot smaller than I am now. I am not going to get discouraged and I am going to keep working out everyday. Eventually the scales will catch up!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Week has come and gone

So this week I lost 1.8 lbs. It's not much, but after gaining two weeks in a row, I will take it! I still have to lose .6 to get down to where I was before I gained! I wasn't motivated this week to exercise at all. I exercised 2 days; today and this past Tuesday. Both of those days I did the Biggest Loser on the Wii. One of those workouts earn me a ton of activity points. I want to try do so the game at least 4 days this week. I'd really like to do it everyday. I bet I'd lose a lot this coming week. My friend Rachel is much more brave than I am. I will not do a before pic because I look disgusting! I do not post full body pics of myself anywhere for a reason! Maybe after I lose a bit more I will be brave.

This week was not a very good one. My 2 1/2 year old son, Shane, got really sick on Wednesday night. He was being very whiny, like he is when he is really tired. He just wanted to be held constantly. When I got ready to lay him down, I noticed he was burning up. I took his temp around 9 pm ish and it was 101.4. I went to town and got some children's acetaminophen and gave that to him. I checked his temp an hour later and it had gone up to 102.2. I couldn't give him more of that medicine and the store was closed so I couldn't buy ibuprofen. I took off his shirt and had him sleep like that. During the night I felt his head and the fever seemed to have gone away. He was moaning and crying in his sleep all night. He got up at 6:30 Thursday morning and he was burning up again. He said he hurt everywhere and was coughing a lot. I gave him a warm bath which seemed to cool him off a little too much. He was shaking and clattering his teeth in no time. I made him a doctor's appointment for 1:45. At the dr's office he had a temp of almost 103. Ears nose and throat were fine. She checked his urine and he didn't have a uti. She could tell there was something not right with him though. His fever was too high and he was still crying and moaning there so she thought it was probably more than a viral infection. She had us go to the main part of the hospital and get blood drawn and chest xrays done. His white blood count is supposed to be around 14,000 when healthy, it came back as 31, 000! There was also a spot on his lungs and since she couldn't see anything else that could be wrong, she decided to diagnose pneumonia! We then had to go to the ER to get this massive dose of an antibiotic that required 2 shots given at the same time, one in each leg. 2 nurses gave the shots and another nurse and I held him down. I wanted to cry. He was screaming. The high white blood count had me extremely anxiety ridden. My older sister and one of my younger 1st cousins both died of cancer and that is what immediately came in my mind. The doctor called me from her house on her day off to ask how he was doing and to tell me that so far everything has come back normal. They did some cultures of his blood and urine and if something shows up when the results come back, they will let me know. She said even the chest xray didn't show a big enough spot to really be pneumonia. The white count though made it clear it was a bacterial infection, but we still have no clue where. It could still be pneumonia that had just started. His fever went away really quick and hasn't come back so far. He is now on this liquid amoxicillin that he absolutely hates. I have to force him to take it. Not fun at all. I did take a taste of it and it is disgusting. It looks like sour milk but is supposed to taste like oranges I think- yuck! He is at his dads right now and I am guessing he is doing fine. Shane never gets sick, so this was a bit scary for me.

Today was my mom's 56th birthday! We went out to dinner and did some shopping. I ran in to an old friend I used to work with while I was at walmart tonight and got a hug! Bill was always the best person in the place.

Well that's about all folks!
~Carrie or Ezmerelda ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The New Year and such

Well the first snow fell the day after Thanksgiving, and hasn't quit. I live in the snow belt so that is to be expected. However this means no letterboxing up north for me for awhile. Koalacat wants me to go downstate and box down there as they don't get much snow. It's still cold and the ground is froze of course. I don't know though. I don't have a job or any kind of income at the moment, so it's probably not a good idea to go down anytime soon.

In other news, I joined Weight Watchers on the first Monday in October. I am not losing very fast and it's discouraging me kind of. I've only lost 15 lbs in 3 months. I guess that is better than gaining 15 lbs but still not fast enough to satisfy me. My parents bought me The Biggest Loser game for the Wii for Christmas. I really like that game. I am hoping that it well help me lose a bit faster. I gained the last 2 weeks. That isn't surprising considering it was the holidays and I didn't gain much but it's just another setback. I need to get kicked in the butt! At Weight Watchers last night we had to make a goal for the 1st meeting in April. It could be anything. It didn't have to necessarily be weight loss, but that is what I chose. We had to write it down in a card and seal it. The leader is going to send them to us at the end of March. I am thinking I set my goal too high though and that I might not achieve it. I know that is definitely not the right attitude to have! I guess I will just have to get motivated. I chose to lose more weight in the next 3 months than I have in the last three. I'm excited that the Biggest Loser is back on. That show inspires me big time.

Christmas this year was good. Shane got a lot of presents! I love watching him being excited about things. He means the world to me. I love him more than anyone or anything.

I'm still single. Ugh. I totally hate being single. I want a boyfriend! Ha that sounds cheesy but it's true. But I want a good guy and I don't want to just settle with the first guy that comes along (but I may if I think he is the right one of course). Although I know I can't be a fat cow like I am now, if I am expecting someone to be attracted to me.

Alright, I don't know what else to blog about! My blogs aren't very organized! =D