Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Letterbox of 2010

Yay! Yesterday (Saturday), my mom wanted to go drive somewhere that she had never been before. We decided on Tawas City. It's on Lake Huron. I decided to print of a clue for a letterbox. The directions sounded easy enough. I should point out (again) that I live in the snow belt. I can't go letterboxing in the winter for the most part. We get a lot of snow. Not a little skimp where the ground is barely covered but rather where we have a least a foot of snow on the ground at all times. Many of the places that have letterboxes are not accessible with a car in the winter. I don't have snow shoes or cross country skis. Assuming I had those to help me out, I still would have to at least shovel the letterbox out of somewhere. Of course there is also the problem of having a pretty good chance landmarks and things mentioned in the clue will also be covered with snow. Anywho you get the idea..letterboxing in Mancelona, MI in the winter is not exactly a good idea.  Also, there really aren't that many letterboxes within reasonable driving distance of Mancelona.

SOOOooooooo Tawas City is further south and definitely not it in the snow belt. There was hardly any snow there. I had to take my son to his dad in Gaylord, so we went that way. My mom didn't want to take I75 because she wanted to see little towns and stuff. We drove all the way to Alpena and then south to Tawas. We stopped in some town on the way and did some resale shopping at the Salvation Army. I got Shane a few things, and I got a little black purse and a new wallet. Salvation Army is a million times cheaper than Goodwill. Goodwill is a giant ripoff in my opinion. Anyway daylight was fading fast. By the time we got to Tawas, it was dark. We found the place where the letterbox was located. My Dad was with me. The directions were simple sounding until you get to the last clue and then look around you. Crap! This is "interesting"; especially in the dark. My Dad finally found the box though. First finders!

After letterboxing, we went to walmart in Tawas. I didn't really like this store. It was set up exactly like the one in Killeen, TX which didn't bring back any happy memories at all. Also, the deli there doesn't mark down their chicken pfffffftttt whatever lol. On the way home, we stopped at this KFC/Taco Bell place at the drive thru in Oscoda. I had a KFC Snacker and it was disgusting. I've had them before and didn't remember them tasting like that. We got home a little after midnight.....and then I stayed up til 4 am watching Deliverance!!!! Haaaahahahaha.

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