Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flint area boxing 2-6 - 2-9

I am turning 27 on the 10th of February.  I am planning on going down to see koalacat (my cousin Paula) on the 6th through the 9th to hopefully get some letterboxing in. Yay!  I hope it's not a blizzard or something or we will be playing a lot of Apples to Apples!  Who wants to party? Me do!

This week at WW wasn't good.  I lost 0.8!  Grrrrrrrrrrr

My good friend Joey lost his mom on Sunday :(  Today him and I went to TC and went shopping, ate Chinese (yeah that's really gonna help me but MMMMM Sesame Chicken!) Then we drove to Rapid City, Bellaire, Central Lake, Ellsworth, East Jordan, Mancelona, Alba, Gaylord, and back to Mancelona!  Wow that's a lot of places huh?  Too bad there was no letterboxing involved.  I did buy some studio g $1.00 inks at Joanns though so I guess letterboxing was involved a little!

The snow came back today.   Not fun.


  1. .8 is better then nothing. And overall for the month that means you lost more then you gained right? so think of it in that light. But who am I to preach I have a feeling i am going to eat it all back this weekend. :-0

  2. I decided to subtract 2 points from my daily points allowance. I figured my points right but it just isn't working with that number. Besides when I lose 2 more lbs I will have to subtract a point anyways and then when I turn 27 I will have to subtract another one so really I am just doing it a couple weeks early. Hopefully I will see results. Although the sesame chicken and fried rice is probably just going to make me regret eating it all week.