Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another post in the same week?

I know I have just been posting once a week, but I felt like it once again. I have been working out for 9 days in a row now. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger. The push-ups are becoming easier (of course they are only the on the knees kind)! I am just hoping I keep finding the motivation to keep doing it everyday.

Yesterday at Meijer, I bought some of this hand sanitizer made by Gold Bond. It's lotion. It has no alcohol look, feel, or smell. I love it. It was a bit pricey though but worth it I think. I think it will be a nice addition to my letterboxing "stuff" bag.

Last Saturday, my parents and I took my son sledding all day. That was a blast. He had a lot of fun. We all went down on the toboggan several times. Flipped over a couple times, too!

The earthquake in Haiti really touched something in me. It was really devastating. They are one of the poorest and overpopulated countries and to have something so awful happen. I have a real soft spot in my heart for children. I can't stand hearing about child abuse or children dying of diseases or being killed in accidents or murdered by crazy people. I seriously bawl my eyes out. Just imagining how many children died in Haiti breaks my heart. Or knowing how many orphans were made. It's terrible. The pastor of my church and his son went to Haiti a few years ago to build some things. Missionaries from the Free Methodist group that we knew also were in Haiti. They made it back home thankfully. Another missionary, Merle West, is presumed to have died there. He was also from Michigan and The Free Methodist missionaries. He arrived in Haiti an hour before the earthquake hit. My cousin Paula and her parents knew him. Some people at my church also knew him. That really makes it hit home when people you know are directly involved. Pat Robertson really is one of those people that makes Christians look bad. I cannot believe the comments he made about Haiti deserving this because they made a pact with the devil?!?! Seriously that is screwed up. He also said New Orleans deserved Hurricane Katrina as punishment for all the abortions in this country. That is one messed up dude. Anyway there are several ways people can donate money to support Haiti. ClintonBushHaitiFund and Stiller Strong are a couple of ways. I wish everyone that is able to give, would. Yesterday morning, they were hit with an aftershock earthquake of 6.1.
I realize some people have the attitude of I am not going to help another country when our own people need help. I just hope when catastrophes happen in the USA, other countries don't take that same attitude.

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  1. 9 days straight? that is great, even I am not doing that many days. I do 4 sometimes 5 days a week. Last night I went to a club and did a little dancing there does that count? I am so proud for you!

    As for Haiti it hit home for me as I have a friend that lives in Puerto rico and it was close by, she did feel the 1st earthquake and with earthquakes come tsunamis so that really had me concerned. But she is okay.