Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yoga kicked my butt!

Bob Harper laid the smackdown on me today with Yoga on level: challenging for 31 min plus a 7 min challenging warm up and a 9 min challenging cool down.  There were no circuit breaks either omg.  I'm glad I got this groovy new watch that monitors your heart rate and keeps track of calories burned, cause I burned way more than what the wii said I did.  I thought Yoga was supposed to be relaxing. Oh the pain! lol  Well I said this week was going to be my boot camp week, I guess it really is.  I hope tomorrow takes a long time to get here. But I feel sooooooo great now that I got it out of the way for today.  I get to eat popcorn and watch Bob and Jillian whip people into shape tonight.  Can't wait!  Or maybe since it is Fat Tuesday, I will eat my unhealthy, fattening paczki instead.  Seems kind of wrong to eat that while watching The Biggest Loser but oh well.  I am saving points to enjoy one of those at some point during the day.  Yummmmm

*Edit* Just realized Biggest Loser won't be on. Boooooooooo.  I like the Olympics and all but I was looking forward to watching my show!


  1. I just stepped mine up to intermediate this week. I love the yoga.

    Send me an email about that watch. I have been looking at them a lot. Even thought about getting the one that the BL people have (way to expensive) i want one too, does it have pedomador on it as well?

  2. The watch I got at walmart for 27.00 in the fitness aisle. They have a better one for 38.00.