Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crap Crap Crappity Crap

Boo hiss la.  So that girl dumped him today.  A little part of me feels bad but omg I am happy about it.  It's so wrong but I can't help it.  I was mobile and he text me and after we said hi and stuff he was like will you get mad at me if I talk to you about the situation with the girl I am dating.  I was like No.  Then he said well actually you might like to hear this lol.  He said she dumped him on the phone.  I asked if he was ok.  He said he was mad because she got the last word with her ultimatum.  He hasn't told me what that was yet.  Idk if he will.  Whatev.  She is crazy.  He is a great guy.  I wish he liked me as much as I like him. Sigh.  His sister got married on Sunday.  I don't know if he took that girl or not.  I think not since he talked to me a lot while he was in NYC for the wedding.
Anyway the crappy part is, I've been trying to put him out of my mind by flirting with other guys and such.  I am supposed to go meet this guy that I sort of know tonight somewhere.  Okay I really don't know him at all.  I know who he is.  He knows who I am.  That's about it.  He graduated from here in 96.  He actually dated my cousin very briefly when she lived with me so he knows where I live.  Now I don't really want to because HE wants to talk to me when he gets home from work tonight and now I feel weird about meeting someone else since I like him a lot and he is single again...grrrrrrrr this kind of crap always happens to me!
Other news.  I may have a job soon.  I got called for an interview at Meijer in Gaylord last week.  It's a 3 interview process and I had all 3 interviews.  Now they are doing a background check and I should know in 2 weeks (from this past Friday) whether I have the job or not.  Having a job will be good.  It will be 3rd shift grocery again though probably.  It will also kind of suck since I will want to see Him again and won't be able to because I will have work obligations.   Booooooooooo please let me win the lottery soon!  Don't worry I am going to try with all my might not to get attached to him so much like I was before.  That pain sucked hardcore.

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